Our Story:

In the beginning . . .

In 1977, the directory was founded in south Florida.

In 1988, C. Lon Smith purchased the company, changed the name and incorporated the company as The Christian Business Directory-USA, Inc., under the laws of the state of Florida.

2018 celebrates our 40th year serving South Florida businesses and consumers.

We’ll be telling about what “USA” represents in our corporate name

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The Christian Business Directory-USA, Inc., originally was a printed directory and distributed through our faithful advertisers, direct-mail, churches and various retail outlets.

Publications were available in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Brevard, Orange and Volusia counties.

As with everything, technology entered the doors of The Christian Business Directory-USA, Inc. and we moved to the internet, providing expanded exposure, usage and availability. Health issues of the founder assisted in forcing a wise move for a non-technical person.

The Christian Business Directory-USA, Inc., C. Lon Smith, staff and businesses appreciate your patronage. Tell others about us and be sure to tell your friends.

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“The Christian Business Directory-USA, Inc. – Building More Than Business!”

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